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Friends of St. Anne

The Friends of St. Anne are dedicated parishioners who generously give their time for the cleanliness and maintenance of the St. Anne parish worship space.


  • Stewardship in the daily maintenance of St. Anne's Church
  • Enjoyment/company of our St. Anne's friends
  • Commitment of SERVICE... LOVE... CARE...

Friends of St. Anne's meet every Monday at 8:00 am. It may be earlier or later. They remain until all routine tasks of vacuuming, sweeping, polishing and dusting, as well as washing the liturgical cloths, have been completed. Each volunteer may give as much time as she or he wishes. They also perform extra maintenance when needed. 

The Friends of St. Anne are so very proud and honored to have this important role in making St. Anne's a welcoming place to worship God. For more information, contact Sister Ann Villa at 617.364.1703.

June 2017: Two recent visitors to St Anne's, one 21 years old, remarked, "This church is so clean and beautiful, people who see it must want to come back again."

For the last three years, the Friends of St Anne have made a significant and remarkable contribution to St. Anne's Church both inside and out. It is a beautiful, clean, and welcoming place to worship God. Our members work very hard and give hours of service over and beyond the minimum. Great job, Sister Ann and team!



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