"Isn't Life Grand!" Christmas Gift

By enrolling a family member or friend for half a year means they are eligible to win up to $2,100 in prize money each month from January through June.

We are now halfway through our third year of "Isn't Life Grand!" and thanks to your generosity, the Collaborative has realized a profit of close to $75,000, which is divided evenly among our three parishes. 

The drawings are held on the first Saturday of each month, with one $1,000, one $300, one $200, and six $100 winners. You can fill out a request form which is available at church entrances and request that the enrollment card be sent to you. It’s a wonderful gift and we benefit from your generosity. In this way, we hope to get our membership up to 940 members, which will top last year. 

Checks should be made payable to Most Precious Blood. You may also drop by the Collaborative Center. Please put “Isn’t Life Grand” on the envelope.

Think ahead and avoid the Christmas rush!


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