October Mass Count

We want to thank our ushers at the Collaborative Masses for their assistance in taking count at our Masses at all three parish churches in October. This information is required by the Archdiocese of Boston, as it helps them to assess the health of our parishes. We realize that in the Blue Hills Collaborative, our parishioners will at times celebrate their faith in all three of our churches, depending on their commitments on any given weekend. Our main interest is in how many participate in the Collaborative on a weekend, rather than in which parish they celebrate.

We have the following information, which we will send in to the Archdiocese: The average number of people who celebrate with us on a weekend is 1,221.  This is compared with 1,341 last year.

This year, the average in each parish each weeks is: 
St. Anne: 645; St. Pius X: 275; and Most Precious Blood: 301.
Keep in mind that we have four Masses at St. Anne, three Masses at MPB, and two at St. Pius X. We try to make our liturgies a positive experience for those who choose to celebrate with us.

Your presence and faith are gifts to our parishes and to the Blue Hills Collaborative. Thank you.


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