Most Precious Blood Parish (Hyde Park)

Est. A.D. 1880

What is the Most Precious Blood?

Blood is a symbol of covenantal life, a sign of relationship and bond. Genesis relates that after the Flood, God allowed humans to use the flesh of animals as food except for "meat with its lifeblood in it," because God wished to make every creature accountable for each other's blood. In the Law of Moses, while the flesh of a sacrifice would be consumed, the blood was poured upon the altar or sprinkled upon the Ark of the Covenant, making it sacred by contact with the divine. These sacrifices culminated on the Cross with the death of Jesus; He allowed His death to be an offering to the Father for all the sins of the world, past, present and future. Because Jesus is where the human and the divine meet, His Blood is the very Blood of God. Its price is beyond measure. Each drop of it is "most precious." Now through the Mass, that Blood is given back to us through the Eucharistic bread and wine, to make us sacred through this mystical contact with the divine - and to remind us that we are always accountable for the Blood of the Lord.

Devotion to the Most Precious Blood is also, in a way, a devotion to the Blessed Mother; as Jesus took flesh and was born from Mary, she is the source of Blood of God. She is the Ark of the New Covenant, made sacred by her contact with the  Presence that both overshadowed her and grew inside her. For the sake of the merits of the Blood that redeemed the world, she was made Immaculate by God.

For information on Saint Gaspar del Bufalo, the missionary through whom this devotion spread throughout the Church, click here.

About Most Precious Blood Parish

MPB's parish family has been just as stalwart as the noble sanctuary it calls home. Over the decades, parishioners have served God and neighbor graciously according to their own station, coming together in groups such as the long-standing Holy Name Society, the local chapters of the Knights of Columbus and St. Vincent dePaul Society, and more recently the Haitian Prayer Group - or even individually, warmly greeting one another and sharing their joy with friends and visitors. Through it all, our priests have led us as faithful stewards and energetic teachers of the Gospel, loving fathers of a family that has not forgotten them; the great windows inside the church are dedicated to former pastors, and the memory of our friend and lifelong Hyde Parker Msgr. Day still brings many stories and many smiles. 

The sites of Most Precious Blood’s "satellite" schoolhouses in Readville and on Fairmount Hill gave rise to the locations of two new parishes: St. Anne in 1918 and St. Pius X (Milton) in 1954.  It is fitting, therefore, that "Mother" MPB is proud to be working together with her "children" again, as part of the Blue Hills Collaborative, to serve Hyde Park's faithful and to spread the Good News. 

The Pastors of Most Precious Blood Church

  1. Rev. Richard J. Barry, 1880-1888 
  2. Rt. Rev. Msgr. James J. Chittick, 1888-1919 
  3. Rev. James F. Stanton, 1919-1923 
  4. Rev. Henry T. Grady, 1923-1929
  5. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Edward F. Crowley, 1929-1953 
  6. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Edmund A. Moran, 1953-1966 
  7. Most Rev. Lawrence J. Riley, 1966-1990 
  8. Rev. James D. Lyons, 1990-1996 
  9. Rev. Peter P. Nolan, C.S.Sp., 1997-2014 
  10. Rev. Ronald D. Coyne, 2014-2019
  11. Rev. Joseph Mazzone, 2020-

Parish History

The Beginning

Prior to 1853 the Catholics of the area that would become Hyde Park belonged to Saints Peter and Paul Parish, South Boston. In 1853 Saint Gregory Parish in Dorchester was established, which included our area. Between 1853 and 1870, Mass was held in private homes in our area as occasion permitted. For a time, Mass was also celebrated in the music hall in Everett (now Logan) Square.

In 1868 the Town of Hyde Park was formally incorporated from territory once belonging to Dorchester, Milton and Dedham, and soon after a lot for a church was purchased on Webster Street. In 1870 a parish was formally created for Hyde Park, and Rev. William J. Corcoran was sent as pastor. He supervised the building of Hyde Park's first Catholic house of worship, the Church of the Epiphany, on the Webster Street lot. That church burned down on January 2, 1875; it was not rebuilt, but a new lot was purchased on the corner of Maple and Oak Streets, at the top of what was then called "Mount Neponset" (as the Neponset River runs alongside the hill). In 1877, Rev. J. H. Conlon succeeded Fr. Corcoran as area pastor.

In February 1880, Rev, Richard J. Barry was assigned pastor of the Church in Hyde Park, and it was he who took up the task of building a new house of worship. The cornerstone for Hyde Park's new Catholic church was laid on Sunday, July 4--which, being the Sunday following June 30, was the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in 1880. And it was to this devotion that the new church would be dedicated.

The Church of the Most Precious Blood was completed in 1885, and formally dedicated on Sunday, September 13. The impressive English Gothic edifice of eastern brick and Quincy granite, with a spire that rose to 162 feet, towered over a town center already populated with steeples and spires--a true "city seated on a mountain" that could not be hidden. Before Fr. Barry was reassigned in 1888, he had a small wooden parish school built behind the church, and applied for a colony of nuns from the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, KY. They would serve the parish for over 100 years. The school, dedicated to the Archangel Raphael, opened in September, just a few weeks before Fr. Barry's departure.

Read an April 22, 1888 homily by Fr. Barry on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Hyde Park.



  • Fr. Barry transferred to found Saint Cecilia Parish in the Back Bay; Fr. James J. Chittick appointed second pastor, arrives from Saint Peter Parish in Plymouth


  • Satellite parish school dedicated to Saint Catherine opened in Corriganville area


  • Parish of Saint Angela Merici established in Mattapan (area originally served by M.P.B. Parish)


  • Original school building replaced with new building on Oak Street


  • Present-day rectory at 43 Maple Street built


  • Polish National Parish of Saint Adalbert established in Sunnyside area


  • Fr. Chittick elevated to rank of Domestic Prelate (Right Reverend Monsignor)


  • Msgr. Chittick dies; Fr. Stanton appointed third pastor, arrives from Immaculate Conception Parish in Stoughton
  • Parish of Saint Anne established in Readville area


  • Satellite parish school in Readville area becomes Saint Anne School
  • North transept window in memory of Msgr. Chittick installed


  • Fr. Stanton dies; Fr. Grady appointed fourth pastor, arrives from Saint Benedict Parish in Somerville


  • Lower church renovated


  • Bernadine Home of the Little Flower Orphanage established in Sunnyside area


  • Fr. Grady dies; parish administered by senior curate Fr. Houlihan


  • Hyde Park native Fr. Edward F. Crowley appointed fifth pastor, arrives from Saint Bridget Parish in Maynard


  • "The Great Achievement," a passion play written by Fr. Crowley, is performed at Hyde Park High School Auditorium


  • Original convent replaced with new building


  • Parish of St. Joseph established in Rugby area
  • 50th Jubilee celebration of the Sisters of Charity in Hyde Park


  • Fr. Crowley elevated to Domestic Prelate (Right Reverend Monsignor)


  • Msgr. Crowley retires; Msgr. Edmund A. Moran appointed sixth pastor, arrives from Saint Peter Parish in Plymouth


  • Msgr. Moran begins renovation and restoration of the upper and lower churches; spire removed
  • Parish of Pope Saint Pius X established in Brush Hill area of Milton
  • Satellite parish school in Corriganville area becomes Saint Pius X School


  • Msgr. Crowley dies


  • Renovated church rededicated; new south transept window in memory of Msgr. Crowley installed
  • Joseph P. Kennedy Building dedicated at Home of the Little Flower


  • Parish school building replaced with present-day building, renamed Most Precious Blood School


  • Msgr. Moran retires; Msgr. Lawrence J. Riley appointed seventh pastor, arrives from Saint John Seminary in Brighton


  • Msgr. Riley ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Boston


  • Cardinal Wojtyla (later Pope St. John Paul II) visits Hyde Park, offers Mass at the Kennedy Building


  • Home of the Little Flower closes; Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Memorial School opens


  • Bishop Riley retires; Fr. James D. Lyons appointed eighth pastor, arrives from Saint Mary of the Assumption Parish in Danvers


  • Last of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth depart


  • Fr. Lyons transferred to St. Mary Parish in Rowley; parish administered by Fr. Keane, then Fr. Welsh


  • Fr. Peter P. Nolan, C.S.Sp. appointed ninth pastor, arrives from Saint Teresa of Avila Parish in West Roxbury


  • Arson fire ruins lower church, causes damage to upper church


  • Lower church converted into Parish Center and daytime chapel


  • Bishop Riley dies


  • Most Precious Blood School closes; property leased eventually to a succession of charter school (currently Roxbury Prep)


  • Convent building between church and rectory redeveloped as Riley House Apartments
  • Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Memorial School closes; Bernardine Franciscan Sisters depart


  • Saint Joseph Parish closes; Most Precious Blood receives the parish records


  • Fr. Nolan appointed administrator of Saint Pius X Parish; MPB and Saint Pius X begin to collaborate


  • Fr. Ronald Coyne appointed tenth pastor
  • Saint Anne Parish partners with Most Precious Blood and Saint Pius X to form the Blue Hills Collaborative, as part of Disciples in Mission Phase II 


  • Planning begins on a multi-million dollar restoration of Most Precious Blood Church


  • Proposal brought to parishioners to retain the lower church as a the parish church, and convert the upper church into apartments, is rejected


  • Fr. Coyne transferred to the Archdiocesan Emergency Response Team; parish/collaborative administered first by Fr. Bova-Conti, then by Fr. Finn


  • Fr. Jospeh Mazzone appointed eleventh pastor

Most Precious Blood Church

Eglise Très Précieux Sang

Sunday Mass

9:00 a.m. (English)

5:00 p.m. (Haitian Creole)


Weekday Mass

9:00 a.m. Wednesday and Saturday


First Friday Adoration

12:00-2:00 p.m



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