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About the Blue Hills Collaborative

Est. A.D. 2013

In 2007, Rev. Peter P. Nolan, C.S.Sp., pastor of Most Precious Blood Parish, was appointed "temporary" administrator of Saint Pius X Parish in Milton, following the death of their long-time pastor Rev. David M. Burke on May 25. The two parishes soon began to share a Mass schedule and other resources, to accommodate their one shared priest. In a sense, this was the "collaboration before the collaborative."

In October 2013, as part of Phase Two of the archdiocesan "Disciples in Mission" program, Boston’s archbishop Sean Cardinal O’Malley announced the formation of 21 parish "collaboratives," one of which was made up of the parishes of Most Precious Blood and St. Pius X, as well as Saint Anne Parish in Readville.

Rev. William F. Joyce, pastor of St. Anne's, retired about that time, and was replaced briefly by Rev. David O'Leary as admininistrator (Fr, Joyce died April 9, 2015). On June 3, 2014, Fr. Nolan retired, Fr. O'Leary was reassigned, and Rev. Ronald D. Coyne became pastor of all three parishes in the collaborative. Rev. Charles Madi-Okin also became the parochial vicar for all three parishes.

After considering several names for the collaborative, “Blue Hills” was chosen by popular vote in late 2014. The name refers to the geographic area in which the three parishes are located; Hyde Park, including Readville, lies in the Neponset River Valley in the shadow of the Blue Hills, and Brush Hill in Miltion is an offshoot of the Blue Hills themselves. As the name does not signify something religious, the names “Blue Hills Catholic Collaborative” or "The Catholic Parishes of the Blue Hills" are also used.

Fr. Coyne left the collaborative in September 2019, and after a period of two administrators (Rev. Michael Bova-Conti and Rev. Daniel Finn) and delays in clerical assignments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rev. Jospeh Mazzone arrived as our new pastor in September 2020.

What is a Collaborative?

A "collaborative" of parishes is simply an arrangement among a number of parishes to share a pastor, high-level staff, and certain overhead expenses. It is not a merging or suppressing of parishes, and there is no legal entity "The Blue Hills Collaborative"; all three parishes remain separate and distinct entities, with their own assets and liabilities. While all parishes contribute to shared overhead expenses, monies from one parish may not be transfered to another. All offertory and other donations must, by Canon Law, remain with the specific parish to which they are donated. 


Mission Statement

"We, the faith community of the Blue Hills Collaborative, are committed to reflecting God’s unconditional love for all."

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