Confirmation Late-Winter Food Drive

To Support the Hyde Park Food Pantry

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March 4, 2018 - Many thanks to all those who participated in the recent food drive to benefit the Hyde Park Food Pantry. The parents and candidates of our Confirmation program ran a drive that collected nearly 800 cans, boxes, bottles, bags and other food containers! Our students were able to see their parents live out their faith, our other parishioners got to live out their faith, and those who receive this food will know of our faith through the generosity of so many!

The Blue Hills Collaborative Confirmation students and their parents are conducting a late-winter food drive to benefit the Hyde park Food Pantry, a non-profit organization that helps those who are food-insecure living in the greater Hyde Park area, including many of our parishioners.

Parishioners are encouraged to bring a bag of non-perishable food items (cans, dry goods) to Mass the weekends of February 10-11th, 17-18th, and 24-25th. Look for donation areas at the entrances of each church. Teens will speak at the end of each Mass on the weekend of February 3-4 to kick off the drive. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

For more information, contact Alyssa Sarkis or Sheila Farley


February 10-25, 2018

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