Blue Hills Collaborative Audit

Periodically, all parishes of the Archdiocese are audited to be sure they are in compliance with the financial and monetary regulations that govern parishes. The last time our parishes were audited was in 2012.

When the current pastoral team arrived in 2014 they received the report and recommendations for all three parishes, and have done their best to implement the corrections and to comply with the laws governing the Church.

John Matthews and Fr Coyne, along with the entire staff, are preparing for our upcoming audit, which will take place January 16-26, 2018. There will be representatives from the Archdiocese at the Collaborative offices to review all the proceedings within our three parishes. They will see if we have made the suggested improvements presented to us in 2014 and recommend how we are to go forward.

We welcome this oversight by the Archdiocese for our stewardship at the Blue Hills Collaborative—they will compile a report and send it to us a couple months after their January visit. The staff of our three parishes take our stewardship in the Blue Hills Collaborative seriously and we know we are privileged to be here.


January 16-26, 2018

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