Renewal of Marriage Vows

Every year we invite all married couples in our 3-parish Collaborative and beyond to renew their vows.  This year the option will be available during each of the Masses on the weekend of February 16-17, when many people will be celebrating Valentine's Day weekend. 

Some may believe that only couples married in the Church can renew their vows in the Church, but we invite all married couples to join us for the celebration of their vows, whether they are married one year or have lived over 60 years of married love.

Those who choose to participate will be asked to stand at your seats and we will lead you in the renewal of vows. We understand that some couples are more comfortable doing this than others may be. We respect your decision. We are privileged to offer this on Valentine’s weekend and thank you for your commitment and example. You are invited to renew these vows whether you were married in the Catholic Church or elsewhere.


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